Vertical Stream Magic - UserScript

What it does

Adjust Twitch streams for a vertical/potrait orientated monitor. Chat is placed under stream.

The setup adjusts itself when you resize your browser.


Version Date File Size File Name Download More Info
4 13 March 2017 2.40KB Vertical Stream Magic.user.js Download Script hosted on Greasy Fork

More info on User Scripts here - including installation guide.

Version History

Version 4 - 13 March 2017
  • Fixed double audio bug (again, for real this time)
  • Fixed infinite reloading on some pages
  • Fixed script title
Version 3 - 28 January 2017
  • Fixed double audio bug
  • Better method of determining if a page is a channel
  • Reduced lag when loading a channel page
Version 2 - 23 January 2017
  • Fixed not working when Twitch loads pages via AJAX
  • Changed to a liquid page layout
Version 1 - 12 December 2016
  • No changes - Initial version