A long hallway for getting kills on your Strange Chargin' Targe, and related achievements.

The map is made for 2 players. One on red and one on blue. The red player spawns at one end of the long hall and the blue player on the other. The red end has a regenerate area (resupply). The red player is the one who does the charging.

The map is automated to allow for an alias loop, for afk kills on your Strange Chargin' Targe.

Download achieve_chargintarge.rar - 161KB

Mirrors (faster download): Gamebanana - Mediafire


  1. Download the file above
  2. Extract the BSP file from the .rar archive (how to do that)
  3. Copy the achieve_chargintarge.bsp file to your tf\download\maps directory
    Detault Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fotress 2\tf\download\maps




  • BOTs are frozen. They don't move or shoot.
  • Blue team spawns with 10 health.
  • Reset Mechanism: blue team spawns and is moved into position.
  • Reset Mechanism: red team is moved to starting position after a shieldbash.
  • Correction Mechanism: Usually when the red player is facing slightly off center they would eventually veer off into a wall. There are pushes on each side to keep the player in the center.

Demonstration Video

How to Use

Install the map and open TF2. Create a lan server on the map achieve_chargintarge. Join red team, pick demoman with the chargin' targe equipped and add 1 bot to blue team (you'll need a real player for strange kills). To add a bot to blue type the following command into console:

tf_bot_add blue 1 scout

Walk to the edge of the backward push (you will feel it pushing you back when you get to it). Once you are at the edge you right click, wait for the map to reset you and the bot to respawn, then right click again. To make the bot respawn faster type the following command into console:

mp_disable_respawn_times 1

To create a loop where you can afk and get kills on your strange chargin' targe, get into position, face forward and type the following commands into console:

alias jar "+attack2;wait 10;-attack2;wait 1300;jar"

With this loop you can alt+tab and do other things while it gets kills.