achieve_multiterrain - TF2 Map

At one point I had half a dozen small maps all for one specific achievement. This map is a combination of them.

The map is a long deep hole with a platform around the edge. There is a resupply area at one end where both teams spawn on platforms. In the resupply area there is buttons to do various things and pool. There is a teleport in the hole back to the resupply area.

Download achieve_multiterrain.rar - 1.46MB

Mirrors (faster download): Mediafire


  1. Download the file above
  2. Extract the BSP file from the .rar archive (how to do that)
  3. Copy the achieve_multiterrain.bsp file to your tf\download\maps directory
    Detault Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fotress 2\tf\download\maps




  • BOTs are frozen. They don't move or shoot.
  • Team Platforms: they can be temporarily removed - which drops the players on the hole
  • Pool: with a button to push blue team into it.
  • A long deep hole
  • Damage Buttons: to damage yourself/blue/red

How to Use

Install the map and open TF2. Create a lan server on the map achieve_multiterrain.

Join red team. Add bots with the following command into console.

tf_bot_add 7

Use the buttons to get the achievements you can.

Demonstration Video