Discontinued: Support for DoodleHUD ceased 31 October 2014. It will no longer be updated.

DoodleHUD is a custom TF2 HUD, created with competitive play and simplicity in mind. It is a complete re-theme of the Main Menu and Source Scheme. It is a competitive version of the in-game HUD.

Menu design by Doodles. In-Game HUD design by Lev. All edited by Doodles.



Current Version: 19 - Last Updated: 31 October 2014 doodlehud_v19_31-10-2014.rar - 721KB

Mirrors (faster download): Gamebanana - Mediafire - GitHub

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How to Install

  1. Remove any custom HUD you have installed, as it may conflict with DoodleHUD. Uninstall instructions below will work for any custom HUD.
  2. Download the current version above.
  3. Extract the files from the .rar archive (how to do that)
  4. Copy the extracted "doodlehud" folder to your tf\custom directory (Steam\steamapps\common\team fortress 2\tf). Screenshot example: extracted folders, copy destination.

How to Uninstall

  1. Open your Team fortress 2 custom directory. It will look something like:
       C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom\
  2. Delete the custom HUD's folder. The "doodlehud" folder is DoodleHUD, delete that folder to uninstall DoodleHUD.



Operating System:Windows:Full Support
Linux:UntestedI don't have a Linux machine to test on. But it should be fine.
Macintosh:UntestedI don't have a Mac machine to test on. But it should be fine.
Screen Resolutions:16:9Full Support16:9 ratio Scoreboard available.
16:10Full Support16:10 ratio Scoreboard available.
4:3Full Support4:3 ratio Scoreboard is default.
5:4No Support
Direct X Level:8.x:Full Support
9.xFull SupportSemi transparent panels are much less opaque.
Language Support:NoneAll custom labels are in English.



Features of DoodleHUD In-Game HUD

  • Health and Ammo: positioned closer to the crosshair for ease of view while under fire. screen
  • Weapon Charge Meters: between health and ammo. screen
  • Weapon Ammo Meters: (cow mangler, righteous bison) positioned beneath the ammo.
  • Health Targets: positioned just above ammo/health. screen
  • Class Image: only visible while disguised as spy. screen
  • Low Health and Overheal: simple custom animations, red when low health, light blue when overhealed.
  • Screen Dialogs: no round edges. Example, scoreboard: screen
  • Medic Uber Charge: percentage positioned where ammo usually is. Bar positioned between health and ammo. screen
  • Scoreboard: stats on left. screen
  • Spy Meter: between health and ammo. screen

Features of DoodleHUD Main Menu

  • Main Menu: completely redone. screen
  • Shortcut Keys: Shortcut Keys for dialogs, such as A and D page navigation in the backpack. screen
  • TF2 UI: Edited and Recolored. screen



Since version 16 of DoodleHUD, there have been tweaks included, that can be applied to DoodleHUD. These are included in a folder called "overrides", because you overwrite files with the tweaks.

How to Install/Use Overrides

  1. Download and Install the latest version of DoodleHUD
  2. Navigate to your TF2 Custom folder and open the doodlehud folder. Here you will find the overrides folder.
        Default location:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom\doodlehud
  3. Open the overrides folder, then open the folder of the override you wish to apply. pic
  4. Select and copy, all the contents of this folder. pic
  5. Return to the doodlehud folder. Paste the override here. pic
  6. Overwrite files when prompted. pic

Black Box Override

There are semi transparent boxes behind health and ammo (and other things) on DoodleHUD in-game HUD. These can be turned on or off by applying the overrides.

Apply the 'hud black boxes - on' override to turn them on: Screenshot - On

Apply the 'hud black boxes - off' override to turn them off: Screenshot - Off

Scoreboard Override

Scoreboard versions for 16:9, 16:10 and 4:3 resolution ratios. To make use of screen space, if you have it.

Apply the 'scoreboard 4;3' override for 4:3 ratio scoreboard: Screenshot - 4:3 (on a 16:9 screen)
Apply the 'scoreboard 16;10' override for 16:10 ratio scoreboard.
Apply the 'scoreboard 16;9' override for 16:9 ratio scoreboard: Screenshot - 16:9

Target Health GUI Override

The Target Health GUI (or just 'target ids') is the little display seen when looking at another player. Provided is a smaller version (to take up less room on your screen).

Apply the 'target health gui - big (medic)' override for big: Screenshot - Big

Apply the 'target health gui - small' override for small: Screenshot - Small



screengeneral hud + hud meters
screentarget health gui
screencrit counts
screenspy disguise panel
screenscoreboard (16:9)
screenmvp win panel
screendisguise menu
screenmvm scoreboard
screentournament spectator gui
screenmain menu
screenteam menu
screenclass menu

Demonstration Video:


Version History

Version 19 - 31-October-2014
  • Fixed Fog's Crosshair being on by default (my mistake)
Version 18 - 30-October-2014
  • Fixed Target IDs (have to alter things due to valve changing Target IDs)
  • Altered Big Target ID Override: screen on imgur
  • Altered Small Target ID Override: screen on imgur
  • Fixed a couple other bugs
Version 17 - 03 October 2014
  • Fixed missing page buttons in backpack
  • Fixed minor visual bug on main menu
Version 16 - 14 September 2014
  • Improved Item Meters and Added Labels to them: screen on imgur
  • Improved Head/Crit Counts: screen on imgur
  • Improved Target IDs Appearance: screen on imgur
  • Improved Spy Disguise Panel (now works with 3d model): screen on imgur
  • Improved Scoreboard Appearance: screen on imgur
  • Improved Killstreak Count: screen on imgur
  • Fixed Tournament Mode Spectator GUI: screen on imgur
  • Fixed placement of "already upgraded class" icon on MvM Class Select
  • Fixed HUD Alerts
  • Fixed Stopwatch and Map Time Limit
  • Improved MvP Win Panel: screen on imgur
  • Fixed Spy Disguise Menu to work with Simple Disguise mode (tf_simple_disguise_menu 1)
  • HUD now supports 5 digit health (for MvM and obscure game modes)
  • Added an "overrides" folder, which contains little tweaks you can apply to DoodleHUD. See: overrides.
  • Added 16:9 and 16:10 scoreboards as overrides.
  • Added "No Black Boxes" override: screen on imgur
  • Added Smaller Target IDs override: screen on imgur
  • Added Fog's Crosshairs: Fog's Crosshairs
Version 15 - 21 July 2014
  • Fixed Huntsman Double-Meter bug
Version 14 - 12 July 2014
  • Fixed MvM Menu crash
  • Fixed Call out bug (staying up too long)
  • Fixed missing stuff in hudlayout.res
  • Eureka Effect Support (and pip-boy eureka support)
  • Fixed Mann Co. Catalog bug (item details missing)
  • Updated Main Menu dialog colors
  • Redid "Killer" panel on deathcam/freezecam
  • Fixed HUD Alert bug (staying up too long)
  • Fixed Quickplay dialog
  • Fixed Scoreboard (missing latest additions)
  • Removed Redundant notification files
  • Fixed Backpack panel (missing page buttons)
  • Fixed Store panel (map checkbox on checkout button)
Version 13 - 24 June 2014
  • Fixed visual bug ("%itemname%") in crafting panel
Version 12 - 20 June 2014
  • Fixed player status for new weapons
  • Fixed unknown labels on scoreboard
  • Fixed taunt loadout
  • Fixed in-game taunt menu
Version 11 - April 7, 2014
  • Fixed Loose Cannon-Shield Charge meter overlap
Version 10 - 8 February 2014
  • Fixed Quickplay Menu
  • Fixed Item Panels
  • Fixed Item inspect panel
  • Fixed Unusual Controls in Class Loadout
Version 9 - 31 December 2013
  • Redid Main Menu - Added Command Buttons
  • Redid Score Board - Added Killstreak Support
  • Redid MvP Panel - Added Killstreak Support
  • Made Stats Look Better
  • New Menu Theme
  • Fixed MvM Score Board
  • Fixed MvM Credits
Version 8 - 17 November 2013
  • Fixed Pipboy for Engineer
  • Edit Loadout button returned to Class Select menu
  • Fixed the health status image (bleed, marked for death...etc...)
  • Fixed the missing filter when selecting items to equip/craft
  • Fixed many resource file errors
  • Fixed Spy disguise image
Version 7 - 6 June 2013
  • Fixed Loadout Crash - due to new "Unusual" controls
Version 6 - 14 May 2013
  • Fixed bugs caused by SteamPipe update
  • Fixed target box bug
  • Fixed missing fonts from TF2 updates I missed
  • Removed custom menu background
  • Changed version numbering system: now just a single number
Version 1.2 - 22 December 2012
  • Added Vaccinator support
  • Fixed HudObjectiveTimePanel.res spitting out errors into console
  • Added team indicators (colored bars) to health, ammo, charge
  • Added map and gametype to scoreboard stats
Version 1.1 - 9 November 2012
  • Round Timer crash fix
Version 1.1 - 6 November 2012
  • Fixed Tournament mode hud
  • Fixed ingame MOTD bug
Version 1.1 - 5 November 2012
  • Fixed hud overlaps
  • Added backgrounds to the Health and Ammo
  • Changed HUD Numbers (health, ammo) font
  • Edited payload race display
  • Edited basic hud layout
  • Added Sixes Mode
  • Removed custom loading screen background
  • fixed mix-matched quality colors (backpack)
  • Fixed overlaps in training mode
  • Fixed weapon meters for: righteous bison, spycicle, diamondback
  • Lots of visual tweaks for dxlevel 95
  • Better looking buttons
  • Changed color scheme from green to blue
  • Removed custom loading screen background
Version 1.0 - 29 September 2012
  • No changes - Initial version



Thanks to all the people who helped me out with this.

  • Lev - Much help and feeback on the initial in-game HUD design
  • Dreamy - Advice on the layout from a medic point of view
  • flux - Aesthetic advice
  • Jabor - More advice
  • chuckk - Font suggestions
  • Ponco - Suggestions of several features
  • Critical Portal - Best Bug Reporter / Tester