surf_doodles is a Surf Combat map for the game Counter Strike: Source.

On this map the teams spawn in seperate areas with only knives. From your spawn area you drop down into a Secondary Run. There are four surf paths or varying difficulty giving you a pistol. Obviously the better pistols are on the harder paths. From the secondary run you are teleported to the Primary Run. The primary run has the same idea as the secondary run; four paths of varying difficulty giving you a primary weapon based on the difficulty, except the primary surf paths are much longer and harder. From the primary run you are teleported to the Combat Arena. Each team has its own (yet identical) secondary and primary runs. In the combat arena you will meet the other team and there you do battle.

Here is the catch; you only get one chance at each run. If you fail in the secondary run you are teleported to the primary run without a pistol. If you fail in the primary run you are teleported to the jail in the combat arena without a primary weapon. The player must think a little about how confident they are with their surfing ability to decide what path to take.

On the primary paths, there are blue sparkles. Going through these will give you grenades. They are positioned to make the run slightly harder. There is an afk timer. People who are afk or camping in the runs get teleported forward (eventually to the combat arena). There is no fall damage for the whole map.

There are a few secrets around the map. Including a hidden Zanz the NERD Run, which is the most difficult and gives the best rewards.



Current Version: beta 2 - Last Updated: 2 June 2012 surf_doodles_b2.rar - 9.94MB
Mirrors (faster download): Gamebanana - Mediafire

Non-Jail Version - Released: 5 September 2013 surf_doodles_njv.rar - 6.30MB
Mirrors (faster download): Gamebanana - Mediafire



  1. Download the current version above.
  2. Extract the BSP file from the .rar archive (how to do that).
  3. Copy the extracted surf_doodles_b2.bsp file to your cstrike\download\maps directory (Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\download\maps).



screensecondary run
screentmp/mac10 run
screenm3 run
screenak47/m4 carbine run
Screenawp run
Screencombat arena


Non-Jail Version

Non-Jail Version is a common term in surf mapping, which is denoted by the _njv suffix. It means a version of a surf combat map, with the combat removed. Non-jail versions are made for skill surf servers with adjustments to make them more suited.

The Non-Jail Version of surf_doodles has the following adjustments (download is above):
  • combat arena removed
  • all 8 stages plus the hidden stage linked together - to make a 9 stage map
  • hidden stage duplicated and made harder for a "bonus" stage


Version History

Version beta 2 - 2 June 2012
  • Scrapped combat arena - made smaller one
  • Reduced hidden run health from 500 to 250
  • Fixed several ramps bugs
  • added bomb spot - to avoid unnecessarily long rounds
Version beta 1 - 13 May 2012
  • No changes - Initial version



Thanks to all the people who helped me out with this.:

niyhM, [frank.], Fission, Zanz, Spliff and Figment