Bits and Pieces - TF2 Config Script

Commands, settings, small scripts and things that may be helpful for your TF2 game. Using these requires you have configuration files setup. Most of these are put into your autoexec.cfg, and specify where they don't.

Hit Sound / Dingaling

Play a ding sound everytime you damage an enemy.
tf_dingalingaling 1           // Play a hit sound every time you injure an enemy
tf_dingaling_pitchmindmg 150  // Desired pitch of the hit sound when minimal damage (<= 10 health)
tf_dingaling_pitchmaxdmg 50   // Desired pitch of the hit sound when maximum damage (>= 150 health)

Mouse Settings

Remove mouse acceleration and use raw input. To make mouse movements more consistent. Consistency is essential to improving your play.
m_rawinput 1      // Mouse Rawinput. 1 = bypass windows mouse settings
m_mouseaccel1 0   // turn off mouse acceleration
m_mouseaccel2 0   // turn off mouse acceleration

Jarate and Mad Milk Inidicators

Show Jarate and Mad Milk indicators above peoples heads when they are under their effects.
tf_colorblindassist 1   // jarate and madmilk indicators above peoples heads

Server Time on HUD

Show the remaining map time on your HUD (near the round time, depending on your custom HUD).
tf_hud_show_servertimelimit 1

Combat Options

Some combat related settings that may help you.
hud_fastswitch "1"            // Fast weapon switch (1=on)
hud_combattext "1"            // Display damage done as text over your target (1=on)
tf_simple_disguise_menu "0"   // Spy Concise Disguise menu (0=off)
viewmodel_fov "90"            // Viewmodel field of view
fov_desired 90                // base field-of-view - 90 will show more, default is 75

Mute Toggle Bind

Bind a single button to toggle mute. Make sure to change the volume to your desired volume.
alias volume_off "volume 0.0;alias volume_toggle volume_on"
alias volume_on "volume 0.05;alias volume_toggle volume_off"
alias volume_toggle "volume_off"
bind "F9" "volume_toggle"
Alternatively use this command. But it has console output, which is annoying.
bind "F9" "toggle volume 0.0 0.05"

Net Graph Button

Show netgraph only while pressing a button.
alias +full_netgraph "net_graph 3;net_graphpos 2;net_graphheight 300;cl_showpos 1"
alias -full_netgraph "net_graph 0;net_graphpos 1;net_graphheight 0;cl_showpos 0"
bind "ENTER" "+full_netgraph"

Medic Calls Bind

Press E to call for Medic. Press Shift+E to call to Activate Charge.
alias medic_voice "medic_voice_medic"
alias medic_voice_medic "voicemenu 0 0"
alias medic_voice_uberme "voicemenu 1 6"
alias +medic_voice_toggle "alias medic_voice medic_voice_uberme"
alias -medic_voice_toggle "alias medic_voice medic_voice_medic"
bind "SHIFT" "+medic_voice_toggle"

Jingle All the Way Script

Trigger your action slot item (winter noise maker) with every press of W, A, S and D. The script is enabled and disabled with a toggle bind.
alias +jing_fw "+forward;+use_action_slot_item"
alias -jing_fw "-forward;-use_action_slot_item"
alias +jing_bk "+back;+use_action_slot_item"
alias -jing_bk "-back;-use_action_slot_item"
alias +jing_ml "+moveleft;+use_action_slot_item"
alias -jing_ml "-moveleft;-use_action_slot_item"
alias +jing_mr "+moveright;+use_action_slot_item"
alias -jing_mr "-moveright;-use_action_slot_item"
alias e_jin "echo Jingle All The Way - Enabled"
alias e_off "echo Jingle All The Way - Disabled"
alias jing_on "bind w +jing_fw;bind s +jing_bk;bind a +jing_ml;bind d +jing_mr;e_jin"
alias jing_off "bind w +forward;bind s +back;bind a +moveleft;bind d +moveright;e_off"
alias jing_tog_on "jing_on;alias jingle_toggle jing_tog_off"
alias jing_tog_off "jing_off;alias jingle_toggle jing_tog_on"
alias jingle_toggle "jing_tog_on"
bind "P" "jingle_toggle"

Loadout Switching Binds

Buttons to change your loadout. Useful for changing loadout quickly and respawning with a different loadout.
bind "F5" "load_itempreset 0"   // Loadout Preset A
bind "F6" "load_itempreset 1"   // Loadout Preset B
bind "F7" "load_itempreset 2"   // Loadout Preset C
bind "F8" "load_itempreset 3"   // Loadout Preset D

Keypad Numbers Change Class

The numbers on your keypad change your class to their corrosponding number; 1 = Scout, 2 = Soldier, etc... 0 = Random Class
bind "kp_end" "join_class scout;play vo\scout_yes01"                // Change Class: Scout
bind "kp_downarrow" "join_class soldier;play vo\soldier_yes04"      // Change Class: Soldier
bind "kp_pgdn" "join_class pyro;play vo\pyro_moveup01"              // Change Class: Pyro
bind "kp_leftarrow" "join_class demoman;play vo\demoman_yes01"      // Change Class: Demo
bind "kp_5" "join_class heavyweapons;play vo\heavy_yes03"           // Change Class: Heavy
bind "kp_rightarrow" "join_class engineer;play vo\engineer_yes03"   // Change Class: Engineer
bind "kp_home" "join_class medic;play vo\medic_yes03"               // Change Class: Medic
bind "kp_uparrow" "join_class sniper;play vo\sniper_yes03"          // Change Class: Sniper
bind "kp_pgup" "join_class spy;play vo\spy_yes02"                   // Change Class: Spy
bind "kp_ins" "join_class random;play common\wpn_moveselect"        // Change Class: Random

Medic Allies Locator

Temporarily change your autocallout threshhold so that every ally near you calls out for medic. This is a great way to locate teammates.
alias +autocall_find "+reload;hud_medicautocallersthreshold 140"
alias -autocall_find "hud_medicautocallersthreshold 50;-reload"
bind "R" "+autocall_find"
Alternatively bind it to the E key, since in competitive play Medic calls for Medic to let his team know where he is.
alias +autocall_find "voicemenu 0 0;hud_medicautocallersthreshold 140"
alias -autocall_find "hud_medicautocallersthreshold 50"
bind "E" "+autocall_find"

Medic - Activating Uber Call

This little bind does a few things: team chat message when you uber, drop intel because you cant uber while holding intel, switch to medigun if you're not already on it and spec_prev so spectate controls still work.
alias activate_charge_say "say_team >>-- Activating Charge --<<"
alias +medic_attack2 "dropitem;slot2;+attack2;activate_charge_say;spec_prev"
alias -medic_attack2 "-attack2"
bind "MOUSE2" "+medic_attack2"
All other class configs (to disable when playing other classes):
bind "MOUSE2" "+attack2"