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Spam Script Maker is a small application that creates a script that loops through a given list of spam lines. It works for all Source games. The spam is said in game chat by you when you press a predefined key.

Ever wanted to spam rick roll lyrics in Counter Strike Source? Ever wanted to spam noobish comments in TF2? This tool will let you do that.

With Spam Script Maker the spam lines you enter are said in a loop. So you never run out of spam.

Spam Script Maker can store any number of scripts with up to 1000 lines each. Each can be built and used independently.


Current Version: 1.1 - Last Updated: 6 October 2014 SpamScriptMaker_2014-10-06_v1-1.rar - 33KB

Mirrors (faster download): Mediafire

The program is portable. Just download, extract, and use.
Note: Spam Script Maker uses .NET Framework 4.0 - you will have to install it if you don't already have it.

The Program

Spam Script Maker
  1. New Script Button - starts a new script
  2. Script List - where all your scripts are, select the one you wish to edit
        Note: The controls on the right (3, 4, 5, 7 and 8) only change the info for the currently selected script.
  3. Script Title - whatever you want to call your script. Forbidden Characters: ; " \n \r
  4. Script Prefix - this is used in the scripts code. Every script must have a UNIQUE prefix to prevent interference with the code. Only Allowed: Numbers, Letters, Hyphens and Underscores.
  5. File Name - the name of the script file. Every script must have a UNIQUE filename. Must end with .cfg and only contain: Numbers, Letters, Hyphens and Underscores.
  6. Key - the key you want to press in game to cycle through your spam. Careful not to use any keys you need to play the game.
  7. Generate Button - generates a Prefix and File from the title.
  8. Big Textbox - this is where you put your spam. One message per line.
  9. Build Button - this will build your script into a file. After which, the following dialog will be shown.
Spam Script Maker

Step 1: You must move the newly created script file into your Configuration File folder. You can skip this step by running SpamScriptMaker.exe from this folder.
Step 2: Adding an execute command to your autoexec.cfg - The command is given to you, copy it and paste it at the end of your autoexec.cfg - If you don't have a autoexec.cfg, there is a button to build a blank one with just the command in it.

How to Use - Video Guide

If you don't know what Configuration Files are, heres how to make them: Setting up TF2 Configuration Files

Disclaimer and Thanks

Not a Harrassment Device: Spam Script Maker, despite its name, is not intended to be a harassment device. Its meant for laughs, not for you to be mean. Don't blame me if you get kicked or banned from servers.

Thanks: Webdesigner Depot for the icon used for Spam Script Maker.

Version History

Version 1.1 - 6 October 2014
  • Added Help and Youtube links
Version 1 - 15 September 2014
  • First published version