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In-Depth: Disguise Menu

Covered here is the Spy's disguise menu and disguise status panel.


Disguise Menu

Spy's disguise menu is the menu shown to the spy when he presses the 4 key to choose a disguise.

disguise menu example

hudlayout.res Entry

The disguise menu is positioned in hudlayout.res, its entry is:


It defines the position (xpos and ypos) and size (wide and tall) for the disguise menu.

Resource Files

All the resource files for the disguise menu are in this folder:

resource\ui\disguise_menu - Within the HUD directory

The disguise menu has a main resource file and additional resource files that are loaded into the main file based on the team selected.

disguise menu resource files example

The main resource file is hudmenuspydisguise.res, which defines the entire layout of the disguise menu.

Other files (such as scout_red.res) are loaded into positions defined in the main resource file.


Disguise Status

The disguise status panel is the panel that shows a spy what his current disguise is, as well as their health and the weapon the disguise is holding.

disguise menu resource files example

There are two parts to this panel: the disguise image and the disguise details.

Disguise Image

This is a picture on your HUD of the disguise.

The disguise image is defined in and occupies the same space as the player class image. This is because when you are disguised the player class image changes to whatever your disguise is and an additional image appears behind it; which is an image of a spy.

This has no hudlayout.res entry and is all defined in the hudplayerclass.res resource file.

Disguise Details

This is the details of the disguise; name, weapon and health.

This has a hudlayout.res entry:


The disguise details are defined in the disguisestatuspanel.res resource file.