TF2 HUD Editing Guide

In-Depth Sections

More information on a few things, as well as a few tips and tricks I have picked up. As well as more in-depth guides.

Property Related

More information on things described under the properties.

Label Text

More information on label and button text. Shortcut keys for buttons, shadows and reference text.


More information on images. Team specific images and custom images.


How to Add a Custom Font

Step by step guide on adding and using a custom font for text on the HUD.

More on Buttons

Everthing you need to know about buttons; How to style them, Hidden properties and more.

Removing Controls

The methods of removing controls, and what to do when they don't work.

Publishing your HUD

Additional information on what to check if you're thinking about publishing your custom HUD.

Menu Related Guides

Guides to do with the main menu, and all menu dialogs.

Main Menu

Everything on the Main Menu. Buttons, labels, background images, etc.

In-Game Related Guides

Guides to do with the in-game things.

Target ID

The health, name, charge percentage, ect of the person you are looking at.

Tournament Mode

Details the differences in TF2 HUD things in tournament mode.

Minimal Mode

What minimal mode (cl_hud_minmode) is and how to use it.

Engineer's Buildings

The Engineers Build and Destroy menus, and also, building status panels.

Disguise Menu

The spy's disguise menu, and also, disguise status panel.

Weapon Meters

What weapons have meters, and which files they are defined in.


In-game notification panels.