TF2 HUD Editing Guide

In-Depth: Weapon Meters

This page contains a list of weapons with special meters or ammo displays and the resource files they are defined in.

Also note, some of these have an entry in hudlayout.res which defines their position and size. These are detailed below.


Basic Weapon Displays

Most weapons only have ammo displays. Clip Ammo + Reserve Ammo (Such as the Soldier's Rocket Launcher) or Just Ammo (Heavy's Minigun). hudammoweapons.res is where the ammo display is defined for most weapons.

Some weapons have extra meters or special ammo displays, they are detailed in the next section.

The engineers build menu is detailed here. The Eureka Effect wrench has an additional teleport menu which is detailed here.


Special Weapon Displays

Weapons with special hud displays.

Some weapons have additional HUD displays along with their ammo (in hudammoweapons.res). They will be listed here, but only their extra HUD displays will be described.

ClassSlotWeaponResource FileWhats defined in the file
ScoutPrimaryBaby Face's Blasterhuditemeffectmeter_sodapopper.resBoost Charge Meter
Soda PopperHype Charge Meter
SecondaryBonk! Atomic Punchhuditemeffectmeter_scout.resBonk Recharge Meter
Crit-a-ColaCola Recharge Meter
Mad MilkMilk Recharge Meter
Flying Guillotinehuditemeffectmeter_cleaver.resCleaver Recharge Meter
MeleeSandmanhuditemeffectmeter.resBall Recharge meter
Wrap Assassin
SoldierPrimaryCow Mangler 5000huditemeffectmeter_particlecannon.resAmmo Meter
SecondaryBuff Bannerhuditemeffectmeter.resRage/Buff Charge Meter
Battalion's Backup
Righteous Bisonhuditemeffectmeter_raygun.resAmmo Meter
PyroPrimaryPhlogistinatorhuditemeffectmeter.resMmmph Charge Meter
SecondaryManmelterhuditemeffectmeter_engineer.resStored Critical Count
DemomanSecondaryStickybomb Launcherhuddemomanpipes.resSticky Charge Meter, Placed Sticky Count
Scottish Resistance
Sticky Jumper
Chargin' TargeCharge Recharge Meter
Splendid Screen
Tide Turner
MeleeEyelanderhuditemeffectmeter_demoman.resHeads Count
HeavySecondarySandvichhuditemeffectmeter.resSandvich Recharge Meter
Buffalo Steak SandvichSteak Recharge Meter
EngineerPrimaryPomson 6000huditemeffectmeter_pomson.resAmmo Meter
PrimaryFrontier Justicehuditemeffectmeter_engineer.resStore Critical Count
MedicSecondaryMedi Gunhudmediccharge.resUbercharge Meter, Percent Label
VaccinatorUbercharge Meters, Charge Count,
Resistance Type Icon
SniperPrimaryHitman's Heatmakerhuditemeffectmeter_sniperfocus.res Focus Charge Meter
Huntsmanhudbowcharge.resPullback Charge Meter
Bazaar Bargainhuditemeffectmeter_sniper.resHeads Count
SecondaryJaratehuditemeffectmeter.resJarate Recharge Meter
SpyPrimaryDiamondbackhuditemeffectmeter_spy.resStored Critical Count
CloakInvis Watchhuditemeffectmeter.resCloak Meter
Cloak and Dagger
Dead Ringer
MeleeSpy-ciclehuditemeffectmeter_spyknife.resSpy-cicle Recharge Meter

Notes: Weapon reskins (such as Mutated Milk for the Mad Milk) have not been included, as their displays are the same as the weapon they are a reskin of. TF2 Wiki - List of Weapons


Resource Files

Some resource files are used for the display for several different weapons. Its important to note this when deciding where you want to place this meter while editing your HUD.

The most notable example is huditemeffectmeter.res - it defines the meter for some scout melee weapons, some soldier secondaries and even the spy's cloak meters.

To help you with that, and also detail their hudlayout.res entries, here is the same list sorted by resource file. However, some are positioned in their own resource file - and do not have an entry.

Resource FileClass - Weaponhudlayout.res Entry
huditemeffectmeter.resScout - SandmanHudItemEffectMeter
Scout - Wrap Assassin
Soldier - Buff Banner
Soldier - Battalion's Backup
Soldier - Concheror
Pyro - Phlogistinator
Heavy - Sandvich
Heavy - Buffalo Steak Sandvich
Sniper - Jarate
Spy - Invis Watch
Spy - Cloak and Dagger
Spy - Dead Ringer
huddemomanpipes.resDemoman - Stickybomb LauncherHudDemomanCharge
Demoman - Scottish Resistance
Demoman - Sticky Jumper
Demoman - Chargin' Targe
Demoman - Splendid Screen
Demoman - Tide Turner
hudmediccharge.resMedic - Medi GunHudMedicCharge
Medic - Kritzkrieg
Medic - Quick-Fix
Medic - Vaccinator
huditemeffectmeter_scout.resScout - Bonk! Atomic Punchnone - Positioned in file
Scout - Crit-a-Cola
Scout - Mad Milk
huditemeffectmeter_sodapopper.resScout - Baby Face's Blaster
Scout - Soda Popper
huditemeffectmeter_engineer.resPyro - Manmelter
Engineer - Frontier Justice
huditemeffectmeter_cleaver.resScout - Flying Guillotine
huditemeffectmeter_particlecannon.resSoldier - Cow Mangler 5000
huditemeffectmeter_raygun.resSoldier - Righteous Bison
huditemeffectmeter_demoman.resDemoman - Eyelander
huditemeffectmeter_pomson.resEngineer - Pomson 6000
huditemeffectmeter_sniper.resSniper - Bazaar Bargain
huditemeffectmeter_sniperfocus.resSniper - Hitman's Heatmaker
hudbowcharge.resSniper - HuntsmanHudBowCharge
huditemeffectmeter_spy.resSpy - Diamondbacknone - Positioned in file
huditemeffectmeter_spyknife.resSpy - Spy-cicle