TF2 HUD Editing Guide


This Guide details, from start to finish, how to create a Custom HUD for Team Fortress 2.

You will learn; how to get started, setting up the software and files, editing the files, which files to edit for what and more in depth concepts of the TF2 HUD.

Written by Doodles, Last updated 12th October 2014. Guide on Steam (just a pointer to here).


What is a HUD?

TF2 HUD Example
TF2's HUD - engineer build menu

HUD stands for Heads Up Display, which refers to the information shown on your screen while playing the game. All games will have their own HUD, displaying their own relevant information.

TF2's HUD includes Health, Ammo, Game progression, Timers, Crosshair, and class specific things like the Engineer's Build menu.

What's awesome about TF2's HUD, is that nearly everything on the HUD is customizable. HUD elements are all stored and defined in resource files, which are just plain text files that can be edited.


What is a Custom HUD?

DoodleHUD - Custom TF2 HUD
DoodleHUD - Custom TF2 HUD

Custom HUDs are modifications of the default HUD to change appearance. The most common reason for doing this is to make more important information more visible and unimportant information less obtrustive.

Custom HUDs range from small personal edits, to full scale releases. Some only change small things. Some fully redesign the ingame HUD. Some even reskin the main menu. What you want to change is really up to you.


More Stuff

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