TF2 HUD Editing Guide

In-Depth: Publishing your HUD

So you have finished editing your HUD and would like to publish it so other can use it? There are a few things you need to know, or at least look over.


Operating System Support

The HUD looks different on the three Operating Systems TF2 can run on: Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

There are system specific properties to help with that, or rather property selectors that look like this:

"tall"		"13"	[$WIN32] // windows
"tall"		"20"	[!$WIN32] // all but windows
"tall"		"20"	[$X360] // xbox 360
"tall"		"13"	[$DEMO] // watching a demo
"tall"		"36"	[$OSX] // mac

If you intend to claim your HUD supports all operating systems, you should have tested it on all of them and adjusted your HUD so that is works.


Testing and Honesty

Your HUD can look different under different settings. Its important to test your HUD and be honest. Honest about its short-comings or whether you tested it at all.

Direct X Level

The game appears quite differently in different Direct X levels. You should test your HUD in multiple levels. I recommend 81 and 95.

Screen Resolution

On lower resolutions text is smaller and entities are closer together. You should test in different resolutions to check for overlaps and unreadable text.


Game Modes

TF2s HUD differs on its gamemodes. Different things on the HUD representing different things in the game mode.

You should check your HUD on all the game modes: Payload, Payload Race, Capture the Flag, Arena, MvM, Control Points, etc


Where to Publish

If you publish your HUD publicly, it is up for critique by anyone. If you're not sure, you should ask your friends to check it out.

Steam Group

A good place to rally people for your HUD is a steam group. People can start discussions, report bugs and you can post announcements from there.

Start a Steam Group

Be sure to include all your HUDs details in the group description and a method for people to download it.


Gamebanana is a repository for game mods and addons. Its free and a great place to publish your HUD.

Publish on Gamebanana - Be sure to select Team Fortress 2 from the Games list.

There is a ratings system on Gamebanana, so you can see how people like your HUD.


GitHub is a powerful tool, but difficult to use. Its a great place to publish, because its free and open.

The best list of TF2 HUDs on the internet. Getting your HUD on is the goal.

In order to submit it, you need to have your HUD on GitHub (or similar service) and an album of screenshots on imgur.