TF2 HUD Editing Guide

In-Depth: Tournament Mode

Tournament mode is server mode designed for competitive play. More information here.

There are alternate versions of some HUD elements for this mode as well as a couple extras.


Setup Timer

There is an alternate version of the setup timer; the timer that counts down the setup time before the round starts.

It has a few extra things and is defined in:



Team Displays

Little boxes of information on each player; health, class, name, ubercharge percent, if they're dead, respawn time.

team displays example


To view these displays a client setting is required (as well as the server being in tournament mode).

Tournament Mode Spec GUI:

cl_use_tournament_specgui 1 // to turn it on
cl_use_tournament_specgui 0 // to turn it off

When you See Team Displays

While spectating a game, you can see the team displays for both teams.

While playing, you only see the team display for your own team and only while dead.

Resource File

Team Displays are defined in:

hudtournament.res - Specifically the HudTournament control


Team Ready Status

Instead of "waiting for players", tournament mode offers a team "ready status". Each team can change their status between "ready" and "not ready". When both teams status is "ready" the match begins.

Team Ready Status is defined in: