TF2 HUD Editing Guide

In-Depth: Notifications

Messages that appear in-game for a few seconds to tell you information.


Team Goal

The notification showed when the round ends and teams are switched. It displays your new Team Goal.

Position and size in a hudlayout.res entry:


Defined in resource file hudteamgoal.res

Tournament Mode

There is a version of this notification for tournament mode. Position and size in a hudlayout.res entry:


Tournament mode version is defined in resource file hudteamgoaltournament.res


Team Balanced

The notification showed when you are switched due to team imbalance; when the other team has 2 or more fewer players than your team.

Position and size in a hudlayout.res entry:


Defined in resource file hudteamswitch.res


CTF Notifications

There are many Capture-the-Flag notifications. They are all defined in the folder:

resource\ui\notifications - within the HUD directory.

There is a main file which defines the appearance of all of these notifications, and then specific notification resource files that are loaded into this main file, to apply specific labelText and icons.

So you really only need to edit one file if you want to alter the appearance of these notifications, the main file: base_notification.res